We specialise in providing tailored, targeted print display campaigns distributing to thousands of locations throughout London and the surrounding areas, ensuring that all of our client’s print is placed in front of their target markets.

Our high profile venues are perfect for increasing brand awareness, and our specialist locations are ideal for targeting niche markets, maximising exposure levels amongst key communities; we help you to have every possible angle covered.

Our detailed knowledge of London and surrounding areas allows us to empower you in raising awareness and interest amongst your targeted communities.

We also have the ability to provide you with feedback on your print at the end of the distribution campaign.

Our Network Runs offer one of the most effective ways of reaching established and potential audiences, target groups and individuals. Our Network Runs reach London wide, culturally aware audiences who have shown themselves to have a natural affinity for attending events across the city throughout the year.

From tourists to theatre lovers and commuters to city dwellers, our high profile, high footfall display locations are perfect for maximising your brand’s exposure and awareness levels amongst target markets.

Neighbourhood Runs are another valuable tool in targeting areas which you want to develop and nurture and can be critical in ensuring that you connect up with your audiences. We help you to identify key community focal points and ensure appropriate levels of local saturation right down to householder level.

Special Runs allow you to develop strategies based on targeting niche audiences; we are able to identify and plot the highest concentrations of your targeted groups.

By focusing awareness within these key community and interest groups we are able to work with you to develop and deliver multi-layered campaigns. We have a list of over 120 regularly scheduled runs focusing on key lifestyle, ethnic, art form, leisure activity and faith interest groups and can work with you to customise a package to exactly what you require.

Poster Runs are a low cost and effective way of raising awareness and generating calls to action. We train our distributors to place your posters in high footfall locations offering the greatest ‘opportunities to see’ and optimum dwell times.

Find out more by contacting us on sales@londoncalling.com.

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