Ambient Media from London Calling offers you a number of creative and effective outdoor advertising options.

Outside marketing geographically targets your specific audience and delivers your message directly to people’s hands across key cultural areas and tourist hotspots. Options include:

Light Projections have evolved from simple projections of logos and brand messages through to giant video projections and even further eye-catching innovations. Contact us for ideas and options.

Clean Stencils are sometimes referred to as ‘Clean Graffiti’ and are a good way of increasing brand awareness in fantastic locations with the added bonus of them lasting for long periods of time, all whilst looking innovative and cleaning the pavements of London.

Chalk Stencils are the older sibling to Clean Stencils and are a fantastic way of creating a buzz about your event in the days for example leading up to an opening night. They use semi-liquid chalk so that they don’t smudge when walked on. They are a durable, flexible and cost effective way of reaching audiences in areas that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible.

Look Walker Digital offers the opportunity to take your message onto the street in an exciting multimedia digital format. With the ability to play videos and music, collect audience data and sell tickets all at the same time, this format has become an extremely attractive option to use.

Pedicabs are primarily used for bespoke campaigns enabling clients to treat people to trips to and from events. The riders can be briefed to talk about the product and hand out promotional materials.

Scooters are driven by trained brand advocates and we have access to a fleet of stylish Vespas. The scooters tow illuminated trailers emblazoned with your campaign around the capital. We can incorporate music, flyers, samples and costumes. Your audience won’t miss our scooters parked at festivals, cultural venues, shopping areas or tourist spots.

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