Our team of arts experts

I came to London Calling from a dance background; a dance graduate straight from an internship at a dance festival with pretty much all my free time dedicated to dancing. It’s safe to say that dance is where my love lies within the arts! Coming to work at London Calling affirmed the enjoyment of dance I’ve always had. But more importantly it opened my eyes to a world of cultural happenings that I had not previously known about. And that’s what London Calling aims to do: spread the word about the greatest, most prestigious and sometimes wackiest cultural events that London has to offer.

A couple of weeks ago my colleague Becca booked herself a bed for an hour before work to have a comfy brekkie in the heart of Shoreditch at the Ikea Breakfast in Bed Cafe. That evening, I was at the Udderbelly on the Southbank watching a spectacular juggling show. The following day I went to the Sky Garden to watch a live gig.

I don’t think a paragraph could better sum up the diversity of our jobs and of London itself!

The great thing about the London Calling team is that our passions lie in different aspects of the arts and most of us have come from an arts background – that makes us even more enthusiastic about the clients we work with. There is always someone in the office on hand to give their expertise on the newest fringe theatre show or who has been to the latest exhibition at the V & A. It makes our weekdays particularly exciting as there’s always something happening that someone is keen to dash off to after work.

The London Calling office is a great place to work as the topic of conversation always revolves around the latest musical that has opened or a must-see exhibition. As a team we have so much passion for the arts, promoting them comes to us as second nature. As with all things you care about, you want everyone else to be passionate about it too! Our love of the arts enables us to advise our clients expertly and help make sure as many people as possible are aware of their venue or event.

There are plenty of perks of being a part of the London Calling team. We get to go off and meet our lovely clients in stunning venues which take us across the city on a daily basis – my Monday this week consisted of visiting Somerset House and the Estorick Collection all before lunch time.  There is always a new pop up or festival happening somewhere in the city, and we always enjoy using our knowledge from visiting these wonderful locations to target audiences for our clients.

All of these experiences, both visiting clients and exploring London’s cultural jungle on our own time add to the knowledge that we can provide our clients. We are lucky that we find out about all these things as they reach fruition and we love nothing more than spreading the word about clients’ events to our ever-growing following of culturally aware readers through print, editorial and social media offerings.

The vast variety of clients we all work with feeds our interest in the arts and in turn we can feed this into giving great advice on campaigns in order to share the best of London with the people living and working in (I may be biased) the most diverse, cultural, artistic and greatest city in the world.

By Alice Westoby, Junior Account Handler