A Day in the Life at London Calling

Tom Butler Partnerships Manager and Editor

The other evening, my considerably better half asked me what I’d been up to at work that day. At the time, I was conjuring up a banquet in the kitchen that Mr Roux Sr and his lad would be proud of. Glad of the excuse to break away from creating my beef wellington masterpiece, the conversation went as follows…

Me: I was working on the distribution for a new musical coming to the West End first thing. After that it was on to a digital and social media campaign for a music festival in town. Then it was on to an ambient campaign for an exhibition opening at a gallery before looking at direct marketing options for a charity campaign.

Better Half: Pretty busy day then?

Me: That was just in the morning! In the afternoon I arranged several interviews for the website, organised an exclusive event for our readers next week and agreed a deal to host music videos on the homepage.

Better Half: Wow, how did you fit all that in, you’re amazing!

Now I should probably come clean and admit that my girlfriend did not say I was amazing she merely looked utterly indifferent and put The Real Housewives of Somewhere Nice on. Also please note that for an accurate portrayal of the evening’s meal please substitute beef wellington for chicken and noodles!

However, the sheer variety and diversity of campaigns that I’d worked on that day is spot on, and it’s one of the main reasons why I enjoy my job so much. The idea of a typical day at work simply doesn’t exist at LC! Many times I’ve made a ‘to do list’ at the start of the day, only for that to be thrown out the window five minutes later.

That ability to be flexible, working on creative solutions that we can implement that afternoon if required, is something we’re rightly proud of here and as the ticket buying public become ever more savvy to last minute special offers we need to be ever more adaptable to our client’s needs.

The launch of LondonCalling.com back in July 2011, of which I am the Editor, certainly added another string to our bow and now a good proportion of my week is taken up with securing great features, competitions and content for our site and social media channels. It’s also yet another example of how varied and interesting a day here can be.

Last week I received pitches from some of my freelancers covering topics such as So Solid Crew, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2, the upcoming Noel Fielding exhibition, comedians at Soho Theatre, singers at Ronnie Scotts a display of artwork by a noted Azerbaijanian artist and a vast array of events taking place if you weren’t keen on spending fortunes on Valentine’s Day (check out the site if you want to see which ones made the cut!).

So if you’re one of our wonderful clients who was wondering what a typical day in the office is like, there isn’t one! Perhaps not the ideal answer for a Day In The Life Of piece, but an accurate one nonetheless!

Now if you’ll excuse me, my ‘to do list’ still hasn’t been touched today and I’ve got to get home to whip up another culinary storm later on. For culinary storm please read omelette/stir fry/anything I can find in the fridge!